The Cheetah is the Fastest Animal in the Jungle

By far the fastest land animal and according to Jack Hanna only the Bullet Falcon can obtain speeds faster than the Cheetah. This all mighty feline is in danger of being extinct and fundraisers from cheetah websites are trying to help save the animal from falling prey to extinction in the wild. With captive breeding programs in place we are sure to see generations of Cheetahs living for years to come. Now thats a reputation to uphold as the fastest animal in the wild!

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Scott Greenlaw

Scott’s favorite team the Miami Heat have won the 2012 NBA Championship!!! Scott is now living in Florida so he could not be any happier. He also wants to thank Oklahoma City Thunder for making the long trip down to South Beach and give Miami their best game of their lives. Please travel safe back to your home and we hope to see your next year!

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We did it!!

We have the most amazing fans! Finally for once we can be delighted to say that! The turnout last night was incredible. We could not have asked for a better crowd. We had all types of public figures & celebrities join. We had a major donor to a wonderful charity

We again would like to thank everybody that came out and hope you all had as much of a wonderful time as Scott and I did!!

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Mr. Greenlaw won the debate!!

Yes!!! We won!!!! Scott has done it again. Did you all see him last night? He put on a star studded performance and nobody was able to beat him. He was asked the hardest questions out of everybody running and nobody was expecting the types of answers he gave. Again we are all very proud and looking forward to the new mayor!! Be sure to watch him again on the final debate for the township and taxes.

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Scott Greenlaw

From the time the GOP is out there campaigning and trying to showcase why their party is better fit to be in control to the moment you vote for your elected official on the ballot it’s always very important to know who your voting for and why.

With consulting and advice from one of the top voted politicians you can certainly supersede any errors and campaign headwinds from an expert who has studied the political field from every single angle and has determined which efforts and roads to take in the enduring race of political destruction that your opponents are looking to inflict upon you.

Scott Greenlaw& Consulting

Knowing which economic policies to attack and which political roles are most fullfilling when campaigning are just some of the most helpful tools and advice that you will receive from his top notch consulting group. In todays world where the commercials are playing non-stop attacking one politician after the next and millions of individuals tuned in to the primaries it’s essential to not miss a step and always be on top of your game with the best advice from the most efficient individuals.

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Scotty Greenlaw

If you have any questions or would like to request a consultation than please email us at and we will gladly get back to you with a report and consultation campaign.

Please note that are minimum campaign committment is 6 months and rates start at $55,000.00

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